SVDDEN DEATH Is Back With The Full 18-Track Epic ‘ VOYD Vol. II ’

SVDDEN DEATH is back with the next installment in this unique audio/visual journey three years after the last VOYD release. Whereas the first and ‘first and a half’ volumes of VOYD only had five and nine tracks, respectively (and even 1.5 only had four originals, one VIP, and four remixes), VOYD Vol. II has a whopping 18 tracks totaling a full hour of madness. With this release, sound design and arrangement are the watchwords. Though to the untrained ear, this may appear to be “just another riddim album,” the degree to which each sound is tuned and perfected, as well as the arrangement, is mindboggling.

Check out VOYD Vol. II below and make plans to see him perform at Ultra Music Festival next weekend!

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