SVDDEN DEATH Drops A Massive Dubstep Stomper, “ Transmutation Sequence ”

SVDDEN DEATH has an immaculate banger on his hands as his first release in a year and a half arrives in full force! “Transmutation Sequence” marks the first single off SVDDEN DEATH’s highly anticipated VOYD Vol. 2 collection. Melding captivating melodies with overtly aggressive basslines, the producer sets a fierce tone for what can be expected from his impending body of work. Plagued by a deadly, distorted sequence of sounds, the production thrives off the tension it builds within the confines of a haunted atmosphere.

With little warning, the track quickly builds and drops into a massive dubstep stomper with bright, metallic synths that cut through like knives. SVDDEN DEATH brings it back and doubles down on theatrics for a masterful second drop. And with that — to simply say “Transmutation Sequence” was well worth the wait would be an understatement.

Listen here!


SVDDEN DEATH – Transmutation Sequence