Sustainable Denim Brands That Make It Easy to Go Green When It Comes to Your Blue Jeans

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, whether they’re cropped, flared, high-waisted or all three. But not all jeans are good for the environment.

Making jeans takes an extreme toll on the environment with each pair requiring around 1,800 gallons of water. And the chemicals used to dye them pollute waterways that both animals and humans rely on. These consequences have led many to search for denim brands that not only offer different styles and fits, but a commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

That’s probably why global fashion search platform Lyst recently reported a 193 percent surge in searches for sustainable denim. Most sustainable denim brands combat waste by relying on recycled or upcycled fabrics along with organic and ethically-sourced materials. And the results are just as chic as your current go-to pair of blue jeans.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of sustainable denim brands out there.