Surprise! Marshmello x SOB X RBE Is A Full EP

Marshmello announced earlier this week he had a new release with SOB X RBE coming out today, but little did anyone know that they were dropping a full EP! The new release Roll The Dice has three tracks between the two artists, “Roll The Dice,” “Don’t Save Me,” and “First Place.” Much like Marshmello’s other hip hop productions with Roddy Ricch or Migos, the “typical” Marshmello sound gets entirely lost in the glitz of the beat. You’d never know he was involved going into these tracks blind. That being said, the production is solid and clean, and stands up to muster when compared to Mello’s other tracks.

It’s also rather curious how Marshmello would conflate this curse-heavy music into his more child-friendly persona. A lot of parents let their kids listen to Marshmello because his music is relatively easy listening and has some pretty cute beats, but Roll The Dice is entirely at odds with that image. Regardless, Roll The Dice is here and you can listen to it below, out now via his own Joytime Collective imprint.

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