Surf Mesa Latest Release, “Another Life” Feat. FLETCHER & Josh Golden

Surf Mesa has had hit after hit since stepping on the scene in 2019 and has proven that his “music for good feels” producing style is exactly what we’ve been missing. His latest release, “Another Life” is out now via Astralwerks and features the angelic voices of acclaimed singer-songwriters, FLETCHER & Josh Golden. FLETCHER has been making waves in the pop music space, while Josh is a rising star in the modern alternative space; Surf reflects on his inspiring opportunity to work with both of these artists and says he is grateful for the experience. A track that evokes the feeling of working it out with the one we love in a different life reigns true no matter who you are. Catch Surf Mesa on his debut festival trek across North America and be sure to stream his singles down below!

Surf Mesa – “Another Life”