Superstar Duo Louis York Adds Tamia: Unraveling the Magic Behind “Three Little Words”

Renowned musical duo Louis York, composed of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, have joined forces with the iconic Tamia for their newest track titled “Three Little Words.”

This melodious duet, infused with the distinctive essence of New American Soul, follows the success of Louis York’s previous chart-toppers, namely “Heaven Bound” featuring Jessie J and “Alone A Lot” showcasing the soulful vocals of Anthony Hamilton.

Crafted by the talented pair, along with multifaceted actress and TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford, “Three Little Words” delves deep into a poignant narrative that promises to captivate audiences. The song not only showcases the evolving musical style of Louis York but also provides a timeless experience for aficionados of the genre.

Notably, “Three Little Words” marks Tamia’s return to the music scene since her acclaimed album “Passion Like Fire” debuted in 2018, adding an extra layer of anticipation for fans and critics alike.

The visually captivating music video, helmed by director Karl Weidmann, beautifully complements the emotional trajectory of the song. It serves as a seamless blend of music and storytelling, drawing viewers into its evocative narrative.

This enthralling track is slated to feature on Louis York’s much-anticipated forthcoming album, aptly titled “Songs With Friends.”

It’s worth mentioning that the synergy between Claude Kelly, Chuck Harmony, and Tamia isn’t new; they previously collaborated on Tamia’s chart-topping single “Beautiful Surprise” from her 2012 album of the same name, further solidifying their collective musical prowess.