SUPERSPECIAL Shares “Heroes” Music Video

We live in a world where a virtual band like the Gorillaz and human mascots like Deadmau5 and Marshmello exist. These larger-than-life acts bring an animated element that amplify their already impactful music. And what’s incredible is that new artists are finding innovative ways to connect with their music outside of the masks or characters they create. One such artist working down this avenue is SUPERSPECIAL. A little less than a month ago, SUPERSPECIAL dropped his debut single “Heroes”. The pop-house track is a gust of zealous energy with its vibrant melody and rich vocals. And aside from electrified remixes from both Bougenvilla and Dropgun, one could figure that more is in store from SUPERSPECIAL in the future. But if you take a look at his Instagram or, you’ll find a comic-book style origin story of sorts.

With a transforming vehicle and a body-morphing companion at his disposal, SUPERSPECIAL is an artist who offers a weekly update on his superhero/DJ livelihood. Meanwhile, the comics and their protagonist are tied to the music made by this anonymous producer. This is evident as the lyrical content and atmosphere of “Heroes” matches the tone of the earliest entries of the comic series. But now, SUPERSPECIAL is moving from animation to live action in the latest music video for “Heroes”. In the video, we see the first glimpse of what this mystery DJ looks like. We also get to see him show off his dance skills as lazers zip around him in astonishing fashion. The video is an exceptional counterpart to the single and comics that are starting the career of this growing artist. Make sure to check out the official music video below and make sure to stay updated with the latest adventures of SUPERSPECIAL.