Super Stylish 90s Retro Fashion Trends That Are Totally In This 2021

We can’t help but reminisce on the fashion trends from way back. From the 50s feminine silhouettes, to the 60s experimental options, fashion has taken many faces over the decades. Excitingly, this 2021, several of these ‘faces‘ have made a comeback on the runways and it’s only fashionable for our closets to follow suit. When you think of the 90s, fashion is definitely one of the strong points that stand out. Maybe it was the way it so wittingly incorporated trends from different eras–both boxy and skin revealing–or how it so unashamedly called for versatile pieces (case in point the scarf top).

Whatever the case may be, 90s fashion was indeed IT and we are more than glad to see a resurface this 2021. If, like most, you find yourself wishing to relive the 90s experience, albeit for a brief moment, then fashion may just be your time machine. Strap on tight as we explore the good ‘ol 90s fashion trends that are a must-have in 2021. To slay this effortlessly, you will need the fearlessness of the Spice Girls and the humor of The Prince of Bel Air. We’re ready for take off!

The Crop Top

Crop tops are midriff-baring tops and were an essential fashion item for ladies living in the ’90s. Good to know they’re on-trend once again. Today, you can scarcely scroll through your social media timeline without seeing someone in a crop top. Relive this best fashion from the decade by pairing a crop top with a pair of mom jeans or a maxi skirt. This chic combination is an all time favorite.

Hoop Earrings

Hopefully, we won’t be holding your hoops this season and they’ll finally sit pretty on your ears where they belong. (It’s baffling how the ladies who wore hoops back then always got into a fight. The irony of it all). This piece of jewelry reached peak popularity in the ’90s, and was worn by women everywhere. It was the way it added attitude and chic essential to plenty of outfits that endeared it to many. The only rule when wearing this sassy jewelry is to make them as big as possible. I mean, what’s the point in wearing jewelry if it doesn’t make a statement? Hoop earrings go well with a low cut hairstyles as well.

Flare Jeans

Also known as bell-bottoms, these pants with legs that become wider after knee were an extremely popular 90s fashion. They were originally worn by those who worked on boats since the seventeenth century, but reached mainstream fashion in the 90s. This year, pair with a crop top for a night out with friends or a denim on denim for a more sophisticated day time look.


The dungarees started as a farmers’ outfit, but the 90s made them a must-have fashion essential for trendy adults. Regardless of how it’s sewn–long, short, patterned, or plain–there was no wrong way to wear them in the 1990s, but definitely leaving one side undone made you cooler. In 2021, this outfit can be paired with any kind of top depending on what look you intend to achieve..


Also known as cashmere, this trend was introduced by Coco Chanel in the 20th century, but it wasn’t until the 90s that it became cool and youthful. Tweed is ever stylish and can can be paired in a variety of ways.  From skirt suits to dresses, all that matters is what works for you and your body type. Also, it is important to pay attention to the accessories you incorporate into this look. Rock it gurrl, there’s no stopping you.


These are diverse and interesting trendy jewelry that curve around the neck. Length can run between 14-16 inches. There are also chokers that are strong in shape but flexible enough to fit around most necks. This is one item that screams, “go trendy or go home”.


If you’ve been observant, you’d have noticed that trendy shoes from the 90s are making a big comeback this 2021. From boots, to strappy sandals, sneakers, and the amusing jelly sandals. All are back and with a bang! Just pair your choice with the right outfit and accessories and you’ve got a great retro comeback.

Featured Image: stylerave