Super Future Blends Heavenly & Heavy with New Release “Again” [LISTEN]

It’s always exciting to hear when a rising artist finds their stride — and Super Future is right there. His most developed release to date comes in the form of “Again” and we have it on repeat. The Super Future sound is alluring and approachable, but always dares to be different as heard with “Again.” Heavenly melodies meet subtle yet electrifying guitar riffs and a gritty edge, all making for a genre-defying blend that sets this new release apart from the rest. This one packs unexpectedly heavy, distorted bass, giving “Again” that wow-factor with every play through.

Let’s not overlook the stunning vocals, which perfectly fit Super Future’s vibe. The lyrics paint a picture of two lovers, meeting for the first time and wondering if their paths will meet again. Relatable to say the least. Fall in love with “Again” right here and look out for Super Future’s ‘Prisms Pt. 1‘ EP coming soon. This marks the sixth single, out now via Esydia and Chroma Records.

Get it:

Super Future – Again