Sullivan King & Wooli – Don’t Forget Me [Monstercat]

Fans have been asking for years, and the time has finally come… Sullivan King and Wooli have officially teamed up for a new single, “Don’t Forget Me,” out today on Monstercat.

“Don’t Forget Me” is a beautifully composed rock/electronic ballad, blending both artists’ styles into one cohesive and sonically pleasing package. Sully’s voice, as usual, soars above guitar riffs and basslines, while the pair’s shared knowledge of sound design and writing heavy tunes shines through brilliantly.

Sullivan King says of the collaboration, “As musicians, we constantly get asked ‘Oh, so who did the most work?’ or ‘You can def tell this part is Wooli’ or whatever, but what made this perfect is there’s no part we didn’t both have a hand in. We did lyrics together, melodies, arrangement, guitar work, riff writing. This is what it really means to have a collaboration in music in my eyes, and it couldn’t have come out cooler.”

Listen to “Don’t Forget Me” below, out now on Monstercat!