Sullivan King Unleashes Overthrown: A Powerhouse Remix Album with Blanke, Kompany & More

Sullivan King, a stalwart in heavy metal and bass music since the initiation of his project in 2014, continues to captivate audiences with his dynamic and genre-blurring sounds. His album, Thrones Of Blood, released in March, has already amassed an impressive 40 million streams. Now, King is taking his sonic journey to new heights by presenting the electrifying remix album, “Overthrown (The Thrones of Blood Remix Album).”

This remix compilation, as anticipated, features a star-studded lineup of heavy hitters, ensuring an auditory experience that resonates with high energy. The roster includes notable names such as Blanke, Kompany, LAYZ, Jessica Audiffred, and many others. With its explosive remixes, “Overthrown” is poised to be one of the most high-energy releases of the year, promising an adrenaline-packed journey that will have listeners headbanging from start to finish.

Highlights from the Remix Album:

  1. Kompany’s Riot Remix: Standout moments include Kompany’s reinterpretation of King and Kai Wachi’s anthem, “Riot.” Using King’s vocal screams as a foundation, Kompany masterfully builds a wave of energy that crashes down in an absolutely monstrous drop. The result is a sonic rollercoaster that exemplifies the power of collaborative remixing.
  2. Jessica Audiffred’s Epic Remix: Another gem in the collection is Jessica Audiffred’s remix of “The Death March.” This track reaches epic proportions, delivering a main stage-worthy experience fit for festivals like Excision’s Paradise Blue. Audiffred’s skillful reimagining elevates the original, creating an atmospheric and powerful sonic journey.

Sullivan King’s ability to seamlessly blend heavy metal and bass music is further exemplified in “Overthrown.” The remix album serves as a testament to his influence in these genres and his knack for curating collaborations with some of the industry’s most formidable talents.

As fans dive into the sonic universe of “Overthrown,” they can expect a relentless barrage of beats, masterful remixing, and an immersive experience that solidifies Sullivan King’s status as a trailblazer in the heavy music scene. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled ride through the realms of metal and bass, as this remix album takes the spotlight as one of the standout releases of the year.