Successfully Tips Working From Home With Kids

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the majority of working parents into having to work from home. With schools resuming and most kids having to learn from home as well, the struggle to balance it all is more real than ever. As a result, many working parents are still struggling with the new normal: families living, working and going to school under one roof. You have to agree that our generation has never experienced anything quite like this.

To say kids demand around-the-clock attention would be saying the least––I know because I have experienced a glimpse of it. Parenting while juggling conference calls, managing other staff, never-ending emails and tight deadlines is no joke. Unfortunately, with no fire or vaccine for the coronavirus yet, this situation doesn’t quite have an end in sight yet. If you’re struggling to navigate your new life outside the office, these tips would surely help ease your new lifestyle as you work from home with the kids being kids!

Here are 3 key tips for working from home with kids…

Get help

Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko | Pexels

In as much as you would want to learn how to schedule your day and prioritize your to-dos for the day, with kids around, most times nothing goes as perfectly planned. On that note, you just might want to get help. It might come in the form of planning things out with your spouse so you can take turns with the kids, having an extended family member around to help or having to hire help. Truth be told, if you want to stay fully sane and still deliver on your KPIs, then you need as much help as you can get.

Take advantage of nap time

Make nap time count when working from homw

Make nap time count! If you are lucky and you have kids that take naps, you might want to make use of their nap time to get all the important work done. If your kids don’t take naps, you might want to designate a couple of hours for their quiet playtime or study time or better yet, get them into a nap routine. In order for you to focus fully during this time, you need to resist the temptation to put the house back in order at this point and just focus of crossing off the most demanding items on your to-do list.

Use what works


Working from home will teach you that sometimes, you have to bend the rules and improvise a little and just use what works for you and your kids. Desperate times call for desperate measures and occasionally, you’ll have to let your kids take over the TV, electronic devices or eat their favourite snacks––healthy ones preferably––so long as it is safe and they can stay still long enough for you to finish up your tasks. Don’t feel guilty about this. Use what works when you need to, other parents are doing same. Just make sure you limit their device consumption and control what they are watching, adding fun educational shows into the viewing lineup.

Some days may be a bit rougher than others but these three key tips will help ease you through these trying times.

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