Subtronics Drops Hard-Hitting ‘String Theory’ EP Filled with Spooky, Relentless Bass

Subtronics serves up spooky, in-your-face bass with his new String Theory EP, here just in time to thrive through Halloween. The EP makes a statement from the jump with “Nitrous Mafia” as a dizzying build sets listeners up for its snarling vocal samples, shuddering drops and jagged rhythms. Next up, ” Clockwork” rocks a playful melody, hard-charging beats and West World samples. Suddenly, we’re into the mind of Subtronics.

The EP also boasts a couple of collaborations… “Melt Ur Brain” with Wooli follows with an almost hypnotic refrain over crashing snares and stabbing synths. Kompany joins Subtronics on the track “Wicked Witch” picking up the pace with a flurry of drums and funky, robotic drops. Subtronics’ latest release comes complete with three more solo productions including the relentless “Broken Code,” sci-fi inspired title track “String Theory,” and downtempo “Professor Chaos” with chill flow and hip hop influence.

Subtronics says of the new EP:

I’m so thrilled to finally share my ‘String Theory’ EP with everyone. It is a direct reflection of the wide range of emotions I have been experiencing through the pandemic. I wanted to encapsulate them in my music which resulted in a unique vibe that is my most honest form.

We can always count on Subtronics to deliver boundary-pushing, hard-hitting sounds and rhythms and his String Theory EP leaves nothing more to be desired — at least for now. Listen here.

Subtronics – String Theory EP

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