Subsidia continues to pump out Music With New “Night Vol. 3” Compilation

Subsidia continues to pump out music at an absolutely incredible rate. Night: Vol 3 is Subsidia’s seventh Volume in six months. The first three volumes were released as one expansive 120-track drop in September 2020, while the second volumes of Night and Dusk were released in December and Dawn: Vol 2 dropped just last month. For those who need a refresher, Night is Subsidia’s home for the heaviest of bangers, so when you see names like Jessica Audiffred & Monxx, Bear Grillz, Skellism, and Decadon, you know things are about to be wild. In addition, Subsidia continues their mission of featuring new or unfamiliar names, with the likes of Svspkt, Autokorekt, & SUFFOCATE; Perry Wayne; iFeature & Killin’ Void; JOrge Toscano; AlienPark, and more.

Check it out below!

Photo by Debi Del Grande