Stylish Winter Trends That Would Suit You

The sounds of jingle bells, the sight of snowballs confidently laying on our pavements, Christmas trees billowing against the wind in every home, the cozy-chic style of winter becoming prominent on the streets, and dropping temperatures beckoning us to layer up our outfits. Like most people, we are looking forward to the arrival of our favorite season of the year—winter—and are eager to put our hands on the Winter trends 2021 unveiled. Thankfully, the pandemic did not dampen the desire to yank pieces from the closet and stylishly coordinate them into “outside” clothes. Although some of these trends have been around for a while, they continue to evolve into chic versions of themselves, almost like a holiday unboxing. Take a look at some stylish winter trends that would suit you.


Sometimes all you need to do is mix things up with unique prints, and a simple outfit becomes instantly elevated. Prints will serve you well this Winter, whether you choose to incorporate them into your ensemble with a dress, stylish pants, or accessories like a scarf or bag.

Fur Bestie

What does fur have to do with it? Everything is thanks to sustainable designers who use faux fur to replace this beauty without compromising its authenticity. This season, the bigger the fur, the sleeker the fashion statement, and incorporating bold colors for a pop of color is a great idea.

Color Splatter

This season’s winter trends pushed the stereotypical moody hues to the margins, declaring, “No Summer, not today, we get to have vibrant colors too.” There is much more than a pop of color on the high-end runways and Instagram feeds. Consider it a color burst, and this approach is sure to keep the mood high and the mood board full.

See-Through Tights

After a period of social hibernation, there’s still time to let loose and party in mini and shirt dresses with see-through tights. The key is to invest in pieces that keep you warm while also being great for layering. They keep things looking edgy, and this is one of the tried-and-true Winter trends that ensures your barely-there fits don’t end up at the bottom of your closet.

Puff Hard

The puff jacket and scarf are two winter trends that have successfully established themselves in our closets. They go with everything, from sweatpants to sassy dresses. Certainly, this is a piece that will easily add a unique touch to your ensemble in due season.


There is no winter without leather, which is why it is referred to as leather weather. The textures may change and be available in a variety of styles and cuts, but the classic staple remains a great style ally, and designers clearly haven’t had enough of this winter trend.


Despite the fact that summer has apparently left cutouts behind, fashionistas continue to be obsessed with this trend, even as temperatures drop, and designers continue to produce innovative cutout pieces. At this point, the cold has given up on these winter trends because a stylish faux fur coat can fix anything.

Oversized Scarf

Oversize scarves are ideal for coordinating outdoor layering. They are the perfect cold-weather accessory to add to your winter accessory collection, as well as the best cuddle buddies of the season.

Knit Wear/Mini Sweater Dress

Knit dresses are popular year after year, especially for the tricky temps. This year is no exception, though they are less chunky, longer, and form-fitting. Knitwear, particularly mini sweater dresses, keeps things enticing and stylish—one it’s of the must-try Winter trends we’re excited about.

Featured Image: stylerave