Stylish Ways To Rock The Barely There Sweater Trend

The barely there sweater picked momentum in 2020 and is still Rave-worthy today. This reincarnated version of Boleros is super stylish, fits most frames and it’s equally practical. Now, not many fashion pieces check all these boxes. Okay, maybe I’m being a little too extra but as fall season intensifies and the weather gets colder, the barely there sweater, our modern superhero has come to our rescue. This sweater is basically just sleeves hanging on in there with a dominating shrug and designers can’t stop rolling in different cuts and sizes on our table.

It’s our pleasure! This beguiling piece not only stands as a mere cover to bare skin but as a unique must-have that singles you out from the crowd. What’s more to ask especially when you need to shake up your layering game? Instagram is literally buzzing with the barely there sweater trend and there are so many ways to wear them. From pairing with matching sets to layering on spaghetti tops, this trend stays on top and by its own right. 

Check Out These Stylish Ways To Rock The Barely There Sweater Trend

Spaghetti Straps

Conceal your spaghetti straps and shrug stylishly as you layer the barely there sweater on a spaghetti strap bodycon dress. This combo is a killer. 

Matching Sets

Looking alluring is not far fetched in this sexy lewk. This micro trend is definitely a yes! Combine your favorite bolero sweater with a matching set for a coordinated and stylish look.

A Leather Affair

Winter is wilding and so are these pinned looks you’re about to be serving. Black leather is always a good idea for that edgy vibe and this bralette set is by no means a miss. Ooh la la! Now you see why I’ve been elated about the barely there sweater trend. Take a seat, you’re welcome. 

All Black Ensemble

If I got a dollar for everything I recommend an all black ensemble, I’ll probably be giving Jeff Bezos a run for his money. Plus, with knit season in full swing, any piece that looks effortlessly stylish should by far be coveted. Make no mistake. 

Corset X Statement Pants

Rocking the barely there sweater over a well fitting corset is a look that gets my knees shaky every single time. If sexy was a person, it’d be you in this ensemble.