Styling Mens Skinny Jeans This Winter

Winter is coming and with it, a chance to shake up your wardrobe and start wearing those long sleeve tops, jumpers, trousers and skinny jeans once again! Whilst the cold weather that the winter brings with it might be a little drab, the upcoming season is fashion heaven – cast your mind to outfits filled with layers of fabrics, overcoats, long sleeves and other goodies to keep you both warm and on-trend. For the modern man, the go-to trousers are skinny jeans; they’re easy to wear, really comfortable, and they look great with pretty much anything, making them a simple fix for the entire season. While they might be really easy wearing, you’ll still want to make sure you’re styling them properly – the last thing you want is to look too casual, too formal, or just caught between styles; indecisiveness is so last season. Check out our top tips for styling men’s skinny jeans below:

Work-Appropriate Attire

Contrary to what you might think, skinny jeans can be worn in the workplace, provided that you do so in a sophisticated fashion and don’t go too casual with the way that you wear them. Keep your work outfits stylish but appropriate by sticking to a more monotone colour scheme; this doesn’t mean you have to completely disregard colour, but sticking to deep navy, grey, black and similar tones might make it a little easier to bring skinny jeans to the office without looking out of place. For formal workplaces, you can get away with pairing the jeans with a jumper and blazer, or for casual dress codes, a tee shirt or hoodie works a charm and gives an effortless vibe. Our top tip for workplace attire is to avoid spray-on skinny jeans – they’re far too casual for a business setting.

Know Your Body

Skinny jeans are designed to be a little tighter and more shapely than the standard cut, so you’ll need to be cautious on sizing if you want to avoid looking like you’ve been poured into them – the bulges and ripples that this can cause aren’t flattering in the slightest. As a general rule, your skinny jeans should have enough room in them to comfortably walk, sit, and go about your day-to-day business – if you find them restrictive, size up! That’s not to say that people should avoid skinny jeans because of their build – skinny jeans are made for every body type and can look great for everyone – it’s just about wearing them in a way that’s best for you! Above all, keep comfy – you’ll hate your outfit if you feel too rigid and restricted when you’re out and about in it.

Streetwear Combinations

Whilst they might not be the conventional trousers to wear as part of a streetwear fit, you can always find a way to incorporate skinny jeans into your outfit if you use a little imagination. Longline tees and baggy sweatshirts look great with a pair of skinnies, drawing no attention from your top and jacket, which tend to be the focal piece of a streetwear ensemble. A simple pair of black or denim skinny jeans paired with trainers (a must-have for any streetwear look) and a branded shirt and statement jacket will keep you looking fresh and feeling comfy this winter, so be sure to experiment with layers for the perfect winter streetwear style!

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to incorporate a pair of skinny fit jeans into your daily outfits, especially when you know the trends to look for and the huge fashion-fatalities to avoid. Most importantly, keep it simple, don’t overdo it, and make sure you love what you wear – there’s nothing that brings an outfit together better than wearing it with confidence.