Stunning Transformations: Saint Laurent’s Winter 2023 Campaign

In Saint Laurent‘s Winter 2023 campaign, renowned photographer Juergen Teller, who has been capturing the essence of the brand’s vision since 2019, once again takes the helm at the request of creative director Anthony Vaccarello. Over the past few years, these campaigns have taken us on a visual journey to various locations worldwide, from Los Angeles to Italy, Iceland, and Paris. For this particular campaign, we find ourselves back in the heart of the French capital, Paris, with Teller once more showcasing his unique talent.

This season, Vaccarello spotlights three of his favorite models: Freja Beha Erichsen, Awar Odhiang, and Sihana Shalaj. Each of these models is captured separately in different locations within the City of Light, expertly transforming into the quintessential Saint Laurent woman, a symbol of allure and sophistication. The campaign’s theme seems to revolve around the concept of femme fatales, adding a sense of mystery and intrigue to the brand’s Winter 2023 collection.