STUDY: Use of MDMA & Similar Drugs May Increase Risk of Valvular Heart Disease

A new study suggests that the use of ecstasy and other similar drugs may increase the risk of valvular heart disease. The researchers conducted a meta-analysis and discovered an association between serotonergic activity and cardiac valvular pathology. The findings, outlined in Heart, suggested that 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine aka MDMA aka ecstasy or “molly” could potentially increase the odds of valvular heart disease. In addition, any medications which increased serotonin and/or dopamine levels posed similar negative replications.

Jacqueline H. Fortier, MSc, and colleagues at University of Ottawa Heart Institute in Canada concluded: “The link between certain medications and valvular pathologies has been well established in the literature. Evidence from the basic and translational sciences has indicated that these medications may exert their effect through serotonergic pathways.”

“There was a consistent, significant relationship between certain medications and heart valve disease, including serotonergic medications and dopaminergic medications.”

Read the full study via Health here.

H/T: Healio