STUDY: Mixing Drugs & Social Media May Cause Stress

Drugs and social media don’t mix. Whether it’s that photo you wish you weren’t tagged in, or you said something you didn’t mean to say, or you were simply on your phone too much throughout the night — raving is much better without social media.

Don’t take our word for it. As a new study suggests, revelers often times regret using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat while under the influence of drugs. Researchers at The New York University spoke with 872 adults at EDM clubs around NYC to explore this issue.

They found more than a third of people posted on social media while high. One in five regretted this. Over half had texted or called someone while high. Nearly a third regretted making those calls or texts.

Women and young adults between 18 – 24 were at “particularly elevated risk” for posting, texting and making calls while high. Weed was the most common vice that led to engaging in these “risky behaviors,” followed by cocaine.

Joseph Palamar, PhD, further explains the findings:

Risky social media posts, including those showing people high on drugs, have the potential to cause embarrassment, stress, and conflict for users and those in their social networks. It can also have adverse implications for one’s career since the majority of employers now use social media platforms to screen job candidates and may search for evidence of substance use.

Source: Metro UK