Studies Try To Discover If Dancing Can Prevent Dementia

If you love electronic dance music, it stands to reason that you probably also like dancing. As it turns our, you’re likely doing more than spreading good vibes when you shake your behind. Studies are trying to determine if dancing, in particular, can improve your cognitive health and even potentially prevent dementia.

Many studies have already proven that exercise in general can improve health, both physical and cognitive. At Albert Einstein College of Medicine, seniors are practicing dancing as a part of research trying to figure if dancing can be used as a medium to prevent dementia. The idea behind the hypothesis is that dancing combines physical activity and socialization. As a control, another group of adults comes twice a week to walk on the treadmill for ninety minutes.

Ms. Helena Blumen, an assistant professor of medicine as well as neurology at Albert Einstein said, “Our hypothesis is that social ballroom dancing, in particular, will be more efficient than treadmill exercise.” The study is ongoing and has not shown any results as of yet, but further research will continue and try make any determinations. At the very least, dancing is never a bad thing to do! Unless you live in Bomont…