Streaming music list of best to worst payouts, updated for 2019

For many artists, streaming music is the main way to make a living, but how does it break down? With a multitude of services available (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Napster, TIDAL, etc.), it is nice to know the exact payment per stream.

On average, Napster pays the most at $ 0.019 per stream. There is a problem though. To reach the minimum wage in the United States, a given artist must total a total of 77,474 pieces per month on the platform.

TIDAL comes next, with a slight decrease to $ 0.0125 per jet. Despite this service, an artist must accumulate 117,760 coins in total to earn $ 1,472 per month.

Apple Music comes in third, with a current rate of $ 0.00735 per stream. Apple Music artists need about 200,272 pieces per month to reach their goals.

Spotify ahead of Amazon in terms of disbursement, but Google Play and Deezer are a little more give.

Artists would need more than a million pieces per month to reach the minimum wage via Pandora Premium.

YouTube distributes a colossal amount of money at 0.00069 USD per piece, requiring 2 million games.

Music streaming rates

Source: Digital Music News | Photo via Beat

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