Steve Aoki Remix “ Tank! ” At The Los Angeles Premiere Of COWBOY BEBOP

To celebrate the release of COWBOY BEBOP on November 19, Netflix hosted an exclusive listening party and conversation with Japanese-American DJ/producer Steve Aoki to discuss his exclusive remix of “Tank!,” the renowned theme song by acclaimed Japanese composer Yoko Kanno. Aoki performed this one-time remix at the Los Angeles premiere of COWBOY BEBOP on November 11, which was simultaneously live-streamed on Aoki’s social media platforms. The virtual conversation focused on Aoki’s process and his inspiration for remixing Kanno’s iconic anime soundtrack as a Japanese American.

As an award-winning artist and one of the most in-demand entertainers in the world as well as a longtime fan of COWBOY BEBOP, Aoki’s remix exemplifies that music is universal, timeless, and transcends across countries while paying homage to the Japanese roots of the series. Check out the remix below!