Steve Aoki Meets Yellowcard: 20th Anniversary Remix of “Ocean Avenue”

If you were jamming to tunes in 2003 as a teen, Yellowcard’s pop-punk anthem “Ocean Avenue” likely holds a special place in your heart. This track, brimming with teenage romance and memories, remains a nostalgic favorite.

Fast forward to its 20th anniversary, and Yellowcard is making waves again. Collaborating with the renowned Steve Aoki, they’ve reimagined this classic, infusing it with fresh beats and a dance-worthy vibe.

Interestingly, it was Yellowcard’s own Ryan Key who initiated this exciting partnership with Aoki. Given Yellowcard’s ventures into electronic sounds post their hiatus and Aoki’s punk-rock background, this collaboration feels both organic and electric. While the early 2000s have seen many of its hits remixed, there’s an undeniable magic when the original artists lend their touch to the revamp. Experience this electrifying fusion for yourself: Dive into Steve Aoki & Yellowcard’s reimagined “Ocean Avenue” available now on Dim Mak.