Steve Aoki Goes Full Drum & Bass With Remix Of 1978’s “Banned From The Roxy”

Steve Aoki has just dropped a wild, Crass remix of the band’s 1978 punk anthem “Banned From The Roxy.” Contrary to the producer’s usual fare, the remix is actually a heavy and brash drum & bass remix that blends elements of a punk aesthetic and powerful, clashing synths. The release, out Friday, August 21st, via One Little Independent Records, is part of Crass’ ongoing remix project, and all proceeds will be donated to Refuge, a U.K.-based organization that aids women and children facing domestic violence. Rolling Stone, who premiered the track today, writes, “The song was indeed a response to the Roxy banning the anarcho-punk outfit after a particularly rowdy night, but the lyrics cleverly tied their expulsion to larger issues of inequality and power.”

“Remixing the legendary band Crass was a big honor for me, and when they told me the proceeds from the remix would all be donated to a Refuge to help women in need my answer was an immediate yes,” Steve Aoki said. “There’s a lot of people and problems that need our help and attention in this world, and I only hope that the money raised by this remix project helps to unfuck some of it.” Steve Aoki’s “Unfuck The World” remix will no doubt take listeners by surprise. Check it out below!