Steve Aoki & Darren Criss Release Unexpected Cover Of Dave Matthews Band “Crash Into Me”

steve aoki

Growing up, my dad had me listening to a lot of Dave Matthews Band. Of course my musical library was more than that, but I always remember listening to songs like “Ants Marching” and “Where Are You Going.” And, of course, “Crash Into Me”…

Now, 23 years after the original release of the song, Steve Aoki and Darren Criss (“American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace”) have taken the song and delivered an unexpected cover we never thought possible.

“Darren and I wanted to do something different and surprising out of the gate with our collaboration,” said Aoki. “We bonded over classics and this surely was one of them. We hope you like our version of the iconic DMB Crash.”

“Steve Aoki and I both share a love for reinvigorating familiar songs by fusing them with seemingly unconnected musical styles. And for as long as I’d had this wild idea of transforming Dave Matthews seminal ballad ‘Crash Into Me’ into a dance track, I always thought Steve would be the perfect person to bring it to life,” said Criss. “So when we finally got the opportunity to meet, I was beyond psyched that Steve was as into the concept as I was, and we began working on it almost immediately. The total unexpectedness of it, the unapologetic fun of it, and of course the deep love of Dave Matthews we both had made creating this version together an absolute blast.”

Criss imparts a more modern pop spin on the track with his delicate vocals, compared to Dave Matthews’ grungier cadence. For Aoki’s part, the chorus is transformed into a upbeat, poppy drop that’s great for drives on the coast, wind in your hair. It’s a curious collaboration and an even more seemingly random choice to cover the classic, yet, here we are.

Listen to Steve Aoki and Darren Criss’ cover of the Dave Matthews Band classic “Crash Into Me” below.

Photo Credit: Sam Neill