Steve Aoki Brings Backstreet Boys Back with “Let It Be Me” [LISTEN]

Steve Aoki and Backstreet Boys make for a surprising match in their new single, “Let It Be Me.”

Backstreet’s back alright, but not in full boy band form. The group, consisting of all five original members, sacrifices much of their signature style to meet Aoki in the middle. The bold harmonies — lyrical moments you want to shout at the top of your lungs — those are all gone, but this toned down version of BSB is incredibly smooth and radio friendly. In “Let It Be Me,” the producer works his magic, shaping a light, danceable groove consistent with a more modern pop/dance track. Not only does “Let It Be Me” agree with BSB’s sultry, lovesick vibe, it brings their sound into 2019 in a seemingly effortless way. With this, Aoki and BSB have unleashed the collaboration nobody knew they needed until now.

Aoki promises, “You’ll get all the feels with this one.”

Listen here!

Steve Aoki x Backstreet Boys – Let It Be Me