Steve Aoki and Lil Jon Join Forces for 2024’s First Single: “Get Lower”

Electronic dance music icon Steve Aoki kicks off 2024 with a bang as he teams up with the legendary Lil Jon for a fresh interpretation of Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz’ timeless 2003 hit, “Get Low.”

In a nod to the original track that dominated airwaves over two decades ago, Aoki and Lil Jon bring a modern twist to “Get Lower,” inviting fans to experience the classic in a new light. This collaboration marks the fourth time the superstar DJ/producer and the King of Crunk have joined forces, following their successful partnerships on tracks like “Turbulence” in 2011.

The official music video for “Get Lower” offers a glimpse into the enduring friendship between Aoki and Lil Jon, spanning over a decade. Viewers are treated to highlights of their dynamic performances together, culminating in their electrifying appearance at Tomorrowland the previous year. For a taste of the duo’s on-stage chemistry, fans can also catch footage of their live debut of “Get Lower” at Omnia Las Vegas.

With their latest collaboration, Steve Aoki and Lil Jon continue to push boundaries and delight fans with their infectious energy and innovative sound. “Get Lower” promises to be another chart-topping success, reaffirming the enduring appeal of two musical powerhouses coming together to create magic.