“Step Into It” A Powerful Disco House Music By Bleu Clair

We’re thrilled to see what Bleu Clair has in store for us this year. Bleu Clair released his final release of the year, New Age of House EP, only days before his November 2022 EDC Orlando appearance, typifying a year packed with millions of streams, several tour dates, and festival commitments. The well-received EP has now surpassed a million streams and continues to increase on a regular basis.

Now, he’s back with his first single of the year, and it’s exactly what we needed to start the week off properly. Bleu explores the catchy vintage and disco house rhythms in “Step Into It,” turning them into a 2023 banger. Bleu’s full steam ahead for 2023, with swirling string sounds, saxophone passages, powerful basslines, and energy levels with substantial peaks and troughs.