Star Wars Fashion Collabs Are Here To Bring Balance To Your Wardrobe

It’s just weeks until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hyper-jumps into cinemas, bringing an end to the all-new Star Wars trilogy and concluding a saga which has defined many an adult man’s life since 1977. With this kind of intergalactic hype, it’s little surprise that a pop culture event of this magnitude will come with a huge amount of tie-in threads. But this is more than just geek T-shirts and Disney Store dress-up. Fashion brands across the spectrum have come up with out-of-this-world designs to celebrate The Rise of Skywalker. Some will say this is the dark side of fashion, but we’d argue that the bold colours and bright sci-fi motifs tap into lots of the wider (and louder) trends in menswear right now. These are our favourite Star Wars fashion collections right now.


The most publicised collection of the season (Star Wars season that is, not Christmas) is from Levi’s. It’s the brand’s classic Americana-style cool – denim, denim jackets, simple tees. The “Rebel Alliance Without a Cause” look, if you like. Levi’s connection with Star Wars goes all the way back to 1977’s A New Hope, when Mark Hamill wore a pair of white Levi’s with Luke Skywalker’s original farmer boy ensemble. Appropriately, Levi’s has kept this collection old school, with plain tees and hoodies featuring original 70s action figures, plus denim jackets and jeans printed with classic quotes – “May The Force Be With You” – and classic character and poster back panels. Also caps, cross-body bags, and space-motif hoodies.


Do the Jedi and Sith need a wristwatch? We’d like to think that anyone who’s at one with the Force would have some special time-telling powers. But regardless of whether lightsaber skills feature on your CV, one of these limited edition Oris pieces should definitely be hiding up your cloak. Far from novelty watches, the “Dark Side” Stormtrooper Acquis and Darth Vader ProDiver are heavyweight models from a heavyweight of Swiss watchmaking. The pair take just enough design notes from the movies – the sleek, shimmering Acquis with white/black bezel and the chunky, charcoal black ProDiver (with GMT function) look like something either character could wear alongside their trademark uniform.


In tribute to The Rise of Skywalker, the final chapter in the third of a trio of trilogies, Adidas has released the Adidas x Star Wars three-part collection of galaxy far, fay away-inspired sneaks: the Lightsaber pack, Space Battle pack, and now the Characters pack, with classic Adidas’ silhouettes reimagined as Star Wars characters, spaceships, and ‘sabers. Sneakers include the Millennium Falcon Ultraboost 19, Death Star Alphaedge 4D, R2-D2 Nite Jogger and purple lightsaber Harden Vol. 4. You don’t have to be a Jedi Master-level Star Wars nerd to appreciate these designs – they fit right into the current streetwear trends.


The Rise of Skywalker will once again pit the dark and light sides of the Force against and, continuing that theme, Columbia Sportswear is releasing jackets inspired by the ultimate battle between good and evil. The padded popover-style special edition Challenger anorak will come in two variants, a Light Side version in white and blue featuring the Rebel Alliance logo, and a Dark Side black edition, with the insignia of the dreaded Galactic Empire. The design is an all-rounder, with a breathable, waterproof shell, but there are super-geeky details for Star Wars fanatics: coded messages written in the “Aurebesh” language (common parlance in that galaxy far, far away), reading “May the Force be with you,” or “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side”. Available in-store exclusively at Columbia’s Carnaby Street branch in London on 6 December.


Breezy shoe brand TOMS is getting into the spirit of things with an impressive selection of Star Wars-themed footwear. The kids’ range is an easy win: slip-ons designed in the style of fan favourite characters R2-D2, Yoda, and Princess Leia, or comic book-style Ewok prints. There are similarly cartoonish espadrilles and sneakers for big kids (that means you, a grown man – no judgement here) but we’ve got our sights on character-themed adult leather slippers: black leather Darth Vader and brown nubuck Chewbacca pairs. For something more low-key, a pair of beige Leandro sneakers that look straight out of the Hoth autumn/winner collection.


You can always rely on Primark for some affordable clobber based on the latest pop culture craze. The brand has mixed it up with old school and modern Star Wars – from A New Hope hoodies to Kylo Ren T-shirts – but the Force is especially strong with the classic logo bathrobe. Imagine those standard issue Jedi robes, but made from towelling, far cozier, and best accecorised with a nice cup of tea rather than a deadly laser sword.