Stafford Brothers Enlist Lil Yachty and Lexy Panterra for Radio Friendly Summer Jam “Live Forever”

Summer is in full swing, and have we got the perfect song for you. Electro-pop veterans Stafford Brothers have just released the radio-friendly, club-ready single “Live Forever” enlisting the help of singer/actress/twerker Lexy Panterra and hip-hop heavyweight Lil Yachty. Already released to much fanfare, “Live Forever” was the #10 most added single on Spotify Worldwide this past week. The track is straight forward, going for a more mainstream vibe and feel, and it accomplishes it very well. The buildup and verse are perfect for the club, and the drop/chorus keep the energy up, making it a perfect party track.

The track opens up with a hip-hop influenced riff. The preset is reminiscent of the sound used in Armin van Buuren’s “Ping Pong” and utilizes a cool forward-backward progression. There’s some trap drums to give the song it’s radio based hip-hop feel. Lexy Panterra lays down some sultry vocals over the beat. She changes her cadence at parts giving the song a sense of urgency before the buildup. Lexy shows how she’s a perfect EDM/pop vocalist in the buildup as she uses more of her upper range to compliment the higher BPM. She asks a pretty good question, “Who wants to live forever?” The drop is just really nice and gets you groovin’ with a good amount of energy based around a vocal chop.

Lil Yachty comes in at the end of the track with a very summer-friendly flow, talking about nights at the park, one night stands, and the brilliant line, “you got a n**** hard as iron, got me feeling like Tony Stark.” Lil Yachty is no stranger to dance music collaborations, having been featured on tracks with Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and A-Trak, so he fits in pretty seamlessly on this one. Here’s what Stafford Brothers had to say about the track.

“This is a huge release for us! Lexy is a legend and an amazing vocalist. We’ve been huge fans of Lil Yachty from the beginning so it’s a dream to have him on the record. We’re pumped to have this song released with Thrive Music and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Check out Stafford Brothers featuring Lexy Panterra and Lil Yachty, “Live Forever” out now on Thrive Music.