SS19 Menswear and Grooming Trend Brief


Today, men’s fashion and grooming keeps growing and growing. From how to get rid of sweaty balls to men wearing more jewelry. The male today pays close attention to upcoming fashion and grooming trends. Here we will discuss how to pick out men’s jewelry, how to get rid of those awful smelling, sweaty balls and more.

The ‘Sweaty Balls’ Dilemma

Yes, more and more men are paying a close look at fashion and wearing the latest fashion trends. However, along with a growing prevalence for the latest look, men are also learning new grooming habits; it’s no longer just a shower, shave and slap on some cologne. Men want to look and smell good, all over, if you get our drift. That being said, what do you do to get rid of those sweaty balls? Every man on earth, young or old, has dealt with this. Basically, there are seven basic grooming habits that will go a long way towards preventing sweaty balls. Great grooming habits for the prevention of this include using good grooming practices, manscaping carefully, using powder to cut down on moisture, wearing good fitting and breathable underwear, making use of men’s deodorizing creams, being careful of chafing, and making use of wipes and spray.

Below the Belt Grooming

Below the Belt Grooming

The Rise of Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry sales have risen this year to new levels. Jay-Z, Alexander Roth, and Oliver Proudlock are just a few noted men showing off their latest bling. The American market is growing the fastest in men’s jewelry and many American designers are doing well. These designers bring a clean aesthetic look to men’s jewelry. Another rising market for men’s jewelry is Instagram. The Instagram platform has become a formidable tool for men’s jewelry designs. Popular brands include BlackRock Jewel, The Great Frog, Castro Smith, and Alex Orso, just to name a few.

Custom ‘Smart Size’ Shirts

As most men well know, off-the-rack shirts do not fit everybody. As a matter of fact, store-bought shirts are made for the average male and what exactly is the average male figure? Each brand has their own definition of this which means you can be a different size depending on who you shop with. Generally, most men will find the collar may be too tight or the middle section just too big and baggy. The latest trend in custom men’s shirts is the ‘Smart Size’ shirt. The ‘Smart Size’ custom fit takes in 16 separate fit points to create a size that is unique to your build. Clever, hey!?

Alex Orso

Alex Orso

Manscaping 2.0

What’s the latest trend in men’s grooming today? Having no body hair (yes really!). The modern male today creates the best impression with a clean chest, no armpit hair, and intimate areas that are neatly trimmed. The best manscaping results can be accomplished by the use of a pro-level trimmer. Today there are tons of brands to choose from. The steps for manscaping include:

1. Starting with your face, adjust the length of your facial hair.

2. Using a wax gel, the fabric strip is placed on top of the gel. With one stroke, hair is uprooted from the base. This should take care of your chest area for about six weeks.

3. If you do not want to use a wax gel, the use of hair removal cream is a good alternative. However, the bare chest effect only lasts for about two weeks.

4. Manscaping a man’s intimate areas is best accomplished with a pro-level trimmer. Go slow and steady and don’t rush (ever!)

Upcoming Men’s Fashion Designers

Calvin Klein is getting out of the high-end fashion business while Ralph Lauren doesn’t carry the appeal it used to. That being said, who are the up-and-coming men’s fashion designers today? Willy Chavarria, Krammer and Stoudt, and David Hart are some of the great independent designers whose menswear designs are filling the runways. David Hart brings back bell-bottom trousers, wide lapels, wide ties, and polyester to the men’s fashion world. Hart breaks away from the skinny slim look to the excess. David Hart’s designs go back to the late sixties and seventies with patterned brocades on men’s suits, ruffled shirt fronts, and oversized pointed shirt collars. Top off this look with two-inch Cuban-heeled shoes. What do they say in fashion? What’s old is new again, with a slight twist and a new interpretation.

David Hart

David Hart