SQUNTO Officially Retires from DJing Following Special Farewell MegaChop Show

SQUNTO has officially retired from DJing following his special farewell MegaChop Tour performance in Atlanta on Saturday, December 21. Back in October, SQUNTO announced his plans to retire from DJing. He said: “Many people don’t realize how important ‘the cycle’ is. That is: play this tour to build your profile for festival season, hit all the big festivals to build your profile for your next tour, etc. People always say ‘well why don’t you just take a break?’ It really doesn’t work like that.”

SQUNTO also described the constant grind as “mental sandpaper.” Thankfully, he told us he still plans on putting out new music at his own pace. We’re not exactly sure what the future has in store for SQUNTO, but commend him for putting his mental health first.

— Аusтiи (@Austin_Alcoser) December 23, 2019

— Savage Senpai (@GregTheProdigy) December 22, 2019

Photo: Treevalds Productions