SQUNTO Officially Retires from DJing Following Special Farewell MegaChop Show

SQUNTO has officially retired from DJing following his special farewell MegaChop Tour performance in Atlanta on Saturday, December 21.


Back in October, SQUNTO announced his plans to retire from DJing.

In an exclusive reveal to Your EDM, he said: “Many people don’t realize how important ‘the cycle’ is. That is: play this tour to build your profile for festival season, hit all the big festivals to build your profile for your next tour, etc. People always say ‘well why don’t you just take a break?’ It really doesn’t work like that.”

SQUNTO also described the constant grind as “mental sandpaper.”

Thankfully, he told us he still plans on putting out new music at his own pace. We’re not exactly sure what the future has in store for SQUNTO, but commend him for putting his mental health first.


annnnddd we’re done….

SQUNTO no longer is a Dubstep thing or whatever….

very cool!

— Normal Dragon 🐉 (∞%) (@squnto) December 23, 2019

Since you’ve never seen him before, here’s my favorite moment from his Chicago 2018 show. An 8 track flawless chop.

— Zach 🔜 Snails (@zkolbus) December 22, 2019

congrats dude! you deserve everything ahead of you 🙂 wish i was there, but will eagerly await your next project, wahtever it may be ✌👽💚

— ✌👽💚 Nine Toes 🔜 NOT HERE 🙂 (@_yo_chuy) December 22, 2019

Damn that’s really the end of squnto? I’m glad I got to witness a set at bass canyon and edc from you brotha 🙏🏽 best wishes in whatever you pursue

— Аusтiи (@Austin_Alcoser) December 23, 2019

I’m sad I can never see you again but I’m grateful for the times I did catch you live. My first time seeing you at SMF I believe it was 16 or 17, was the reason I fell in love with dubstep. Twas an amazing ride great fuckin shit homie you killed it

— Savage Senpai (@GregTheProdigy) December 22, 2019


Photo: Treevalds Productions via youredm

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