Spring Perfect! How To Do The Layered Look And Win

While the layered look can be rocked all year round, there’s no better time to wear it than the Spring season. As the temperature gets warmer in the day yet still chilly in the evenings / night, you’re forced to replace that bulky parka for layered looks that are much more versatile and a lot more stylish.

What is this layered look?


Instagram: Hintofglamour

A layered look is borne out of the combination of more than one piece of clothing on the same half of the body. Think bomber jackets upon turtle necks and blazers upon silk blouses. Layering is all about being creative and trying out unique combinations of varying lengths and textures. 

The layered look allows you to take off and add up pieces of the layered look depending on the weather’s mood swings. But there’s a right way to rock the layered look and anything short of that would have you looking like a homeless fellow who is literally a walking closet. Stunning layered looks don’t just happen. Factors like print mixing and color blocking and the right proportion are some of the key ingredients for nailing that perfect layered look.

Want to layer like a pro? Here’s how to do it…

#1. Proportion is key


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Each piece on your layer squad shouldn’t be the same length. You have to mix up lengths to ensure no piece is overshadowed.

#2. Drape your jacket


Instagram: Kelly Rowland

This style keeps it light and still shows off your curves. Draping a jacket gives off that cool boss chick vibe especially with a fabric that’s not packing heavy underneath. With a draped look, no one will ever think you’re new to the game of layering!

#3. Try out a monochromatic look


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If you have no desire of blending in with the crowd then try layering in several shades of one color. Everyone will easily spot the style star!

#4. Plain x Pattern wins


Instagram: justtnic

Try rocking a print jumpsuit underneath a solid colored trench coat or kimono and watch the compliments flood in.

#5. Add some oomph with Boots!


Instagram: Awedbymoni

A layered look plus boots equals supermodel off-duty! Boots double up as a fashion statement piece and warmth provider during the cold weather. The higher the boot, the prettier the outfit.

#6. Let turtlenecks do the talking


Instagram: Hint of glamour

The turtleneck does well for seamless layering but we know if turtlenecks are not styled well you could risk looking grandma-ish. Try throwing on a blazer or teddy coat for a contemporary look.

Think about the layered look like an onion, there’s always something to unravel.