Spotlight on an artist: Nicole Moudaber fights to stop female genital mutilation

Since the legendary Carl Cox called her the most underrated dance DJ in 2009, Nicole Moudaber struggled year after year to create a techno empire. In 2018, Moudaber made great progress as a DJ, producer, radio host and label chef. I can not wait to see what’s coming out of the techno legend in 2019. In addition to being an indisputable legend of techno, Moudaber recently launched Eleven, a campaign she’s launched into the world. 39, hope to end the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a brutal religious and cultural practice of cutting, removing or partially sewing the genitalia of a girl.

Moudaber called the charity campaign on the basis of the number of girls undergoing minute-by-minute procedure around the world:

“Every minute, somewhere in the world, 11 girls undergo female genital mutilation.”

This represents nearly 6 million girls each year.

In a recent interview with DJ Mag, Moudaber describes his passion for the subject of FGM:

“The first time I heard about it and saw documentaries about it, it was when I was at university here in England. . I was here in my apartment and I had CNN enabled. And suddenly I hear the cries of this child. I ran to see what was happening and it was actually a documentary about MGF and showing what was going on. It hurt me so much that, honestly, I felt the pain and started crying. I thought it was really unfair that it happen in the world. And since that moment, I became obsessed and wanted to do something about it. It really scared me. ”

All the money raised by the Moudaber’s Eleven Foundation goes to the Magool Women’s Rights Organization. The organization was founded by Somali-British psychotherapist, Guardian activist and columnist Leyla Hussein.

You can buy the ELEVEN Charity bracelet (shown above) on the Moudaber Shop page. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Magool. Donations are also made on Moudaber’s GoFundMe page hoping to raise 10,000 pounds ($ 12,708).

For anyone in Los Angeles who wants to see the techno goddess in action, Moudaber will play tonight at the Los Angeles Avalon club. Tickets can be found here.

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