Spotify Launches New Lite App For Android

Even though it’s a hilariously pointless argument, the competition between Android and iPhone users wages on. It’s hard to tell if Spotify’s new Lite app is a point in either’s favor, but it’s a 100% win for consumers all around. The Spotify Lite app launched today in 36 markets around Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s made to accommodate users with lower data caps and slower connections. It has all the features of the original app but takes up only 10% of the space (10MB vs 100MB+).

It also comes with a major feature exclusive to the Lite version: the ability to set a data limit and receive a notification when it’s reached. Verge writes, “These Lite apps are becoming more popular and critical as tech companies look to expand to developing countries where data connections are slower and data itself is more precious and expensive.”