Spotify Is Cracking Down On People Abusing Their Family Plans

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Spotify is cracking down on its family plan… which is all fine and dandy, unless you’re cheating the system. Moving forward, Spotify is asking for users to share location to make sure nobody is abusing family plan privileges. According to the new “Terms and Conditions” (as of August 2019), Spotify requires the primary account holder and others family plan users to share location.

Under the plan’s “Eligibility and Verification” Spotify states:

In order to be eligible for the Premium Family Subscription, the primary account holder and the subsidiary account holders must be family members residing at the same address.

Upon activation of a subsidiary Premium Family account, you will be asked to verify your home address.C. We may from time to time ask for re-verification of your home address in order to confirm that you are still meeting the eligibility criteria.

Spotify uses Google Maps (and location data) to help users find and set their respective addresses, so you won’t be able to just fill in the address of your buddy and have it work. It will also confirm locations from “time to time” to make sure addresses are legit.

Spotify’s family plan currently offers 6 premium accounts under one roof at $14.99 per month.