Speaker-Melting New Single “dontstopme!” from ISOxo: A Musical Marvel

In the realm of electronic music, ISOxo‘s return is a momentous occasion. Those fortunate enough to attend one of his unforgettable shows during the inaugural “NIGHTREALM” Tour last year are likely to vividly recall the electrifying beats of his track “dontstopme!” played as an insane ID. After a seven-month wait, during which the song was only available through poorly filmed YouTube videos, “dontstopme!” has finally graced the streaming platforms, and without surprise, it stands as yet another thrilling banger.

The song’s brilliance lies in its ability to evoke grainy nostalgia, deliver crisp vocal ear-candy, and showcase next-level sound design, all culminating in a mesmerizing drop that unequivocally proves ISOxo’s untapped well of creativity. Notably, the producer’s trademark heart-stopping snare-drum, renowned for its captivating effect, sounds even more enchanting with each new variation.

ISOxo’s accomplishments in the world of music production have been awe-inspiring, particularly while collaborating with the talented Sable Valley team. Despite his already remarkable journey, ISOxo shows no signs of deceleration with the release of this new single, and naturally, our excitement knows no bounds.