Speaker Honey Makes Her Triumphant Return To The deadmau5-fronted Label with Together All Night

Sitting at the intersection of the Internet, old school cartoons, and Ableton, you’ll find Speaker Honey. She’s the amalgamation of everything she knows and loves: synth-laden music, loud urban rave-wear, and animation. The star broke onto the scene in 2020 with her Night Visions EP on mau5trap, and now, makes her triumphant return to the deadmau5-fronted label with Together All Night. A two-track work of wonder, Together All Night features two dynamic singles, “All Night,” and “We Belong Together.” Featuring the best of techno, electro, and insidious club beats, Speaker Honey’s Together All Night is the perfect kick off for a summer spent in newly reopened clubs.

Speaking on her brand new Together All Night EP, Speaker Honey says the following: “This EP is special for me. Not only are ‘All Night’ and ‘We Belong Together’ reflect very real emotions that surfaced for me during quarantine.  In a way, they reflect the vibe I was craving, and feeling while at home and waiting for our world to open back up. ‘We Belong Together,’ produced in collaboration with VVVIRTU, is very special to me because it is the first song that I have released in collaboration with someone I met through our SHARE-YOUR-SONG Monday streams. To be able to connect with a real community of talented artists and ultimately have this song emerge, is really really awesome. I can’t wait to keep exploring this direction, & hope to work with more new and emerging artists in the future to bend the boundaries of electronic music.”