Space Laces Returns With A Crazy New 5-Track EP Called High Vaultage

Space Laces has made a great little area for himself in the bass music neighborhood. His flexibility and skillful sound style makes whatever that his name is on a ‘must-listen.’ This 5 track High Vaultage EP is no exception to the rule above. It’s just 5 tracks, however every track actually shows off the absolute variety that Space Laces has after years of experience and proves that categories indicate nothing to Space Laces. If you have ever listened to the Vaultage mix series then you may acknowledge bits and pieces of these.

” Disco Bloodbath” seems like something plucked out of the golden age of Complextro while” Splinters” is the most light-hearted track on the EP featuring a really bouncy, very fun future bass feel. However the very first time you toss on “Run DLL” and get annihilated with the onslaught of speculative and sub-bass– you will genuinely state “This man can actually do it all.”

Take a look at the full EP listed below.

Space Laces – High Vaultage