SoundCloud Offers DJs Unlimited Offline Access to Music

SoundCloud has been pushing to make its platform an integral tool for DJs, whether live streaming, performing on stage, or otherwise, since 2018. Now, the music streaming service has officially announced SoundCloud DJ.

Prior to the announcement, SoundCloud Go+ subscribers were able to sync their music libraries with Serato and Rekordbox — but now the feature is available offline. This move is huge, as it allows DJs unlimited offline access to SoundCloud’s catalog, which boasts the most current and underground artists in hip hop, electronic and more.

SoundCloud shares in a blog post:

Whether you’re prepping a set on your balcony or performing for friends in the park, you don’t have to worry about your Wi-Fi cutting out or reaching limits on downloaded tracks. With SoundCloud DJ, you can save unlimited tracks locally in select DJ apps so you’re ready to spin wherever inspiration strikes.

DJs are a huge reason the platform thrives and SoundCloud is giving right back. This year, the company launched an in-app tool to identify music by key and tempo. Currently available with Virtual DJ and Algoriddim, with more partners to be announced soon.

To start mixing offline, you can purchase SoundCloud DJ for $19.99. When compared to buying music outright, it’s a steal of a deal. Plus, you get all those SoundCloud-exclusive bootlegs and unofficial remixes not offered anywhere else.

Learn more here and sign up for SoundCloud DJ here.