SoundCloud Now Allows Artists to Promote Their Original Music

SoundCloud Premier just unleashed its latest premium feature for creators and artists. With Premier, artists can now promote their music to new fans on SoundCloud, send out to every major music service, and get paid for plays everywhere – directly from their SoundCloud accounts.

The new marketing tool “Promote on SoundCloud” allows artists to throw money toward promotion for their songs. Not only that, users can push their music to their desired target audiences.

Until now, SoundCloud creators have relied on reposts from other users to expand reach on their material. Now, they can take promotion into their own hands and truly strategize.

The program is currently open to artists 18 and up with original music. The account must have no copyright strikes and at least 1,000 track plays on SoundCloud.

Artists utilizing Premier keep the rights to their own music and 100% of earnings from other streaming services.

Source: Billboard