Sony Announces Groundbreaking 360 Reality Audio

The future of music is here — as Sony has announced its groundbreaking 360 Reality Audio. It’s made for music lovers by music lovers and is about to change the game as we know it. In late Fall, Sony plans to unleash its cutting-edge audio upgrade — which relies on object-based spatial audio technology to take our listening experience to the next level. The result is fully immersive, 360-degree audio, which sounds exactly the way the artist intended.

Upon its launch, 1,000 songs including 100 live concert recordings will be made available by a variety of artists like Mark Ronson, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Charli XCX and Pharrell Williams. Users can expect plenty more music to be added as 360 Reality Audio progresses.

Listeners can experience 360 Reality Audio through most headphones and participating apps. Using Sony’s own headphones and Headphones Connect app will reportedly provide optimum results.

As described by Sony, “Vocals, chorus and instruments [will be tagged with] positional information of distance and angle to suit their creative and artistic purpose.”

Watch below and check out more via 360 Reality Audio’s official website.

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio

Source: Billboard | Photo via