Sonic Euphoria: Gil Glaze Debuts ‘Falling,’ His Hypnotic Single on Sony Music

Gil Glaze, the renowned pop/dance DJ, producer, and entrepreneur from Zurich, Switzerland, has recently unveiled his latest musical creation titled ‘Falling.’ Released under Sony Music, this mesmerizing track combines captivating vocals with a moody house-infused sound, narrating a tale of irresistible late-night lovers.

The Rise of Gil Glaze

Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Gil Glaze has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry. With an impressive portfolio of releases under esteemed record labels such as Spinnin Records, Musical Freedom, STMPD (Martin Garrix‘s label), and Armada, Gil has garnered considerable recognition for his talent. In 2017, he had the honor of opening for the Chainsmokers during their Australian tour. Furthermore, his remix of their track ‘Honest’ has amassed over 3.5 million streams, solidifying his position as a skilled producer.

Unforgettable Performances

Closing out 2021 on a high note, Gil Glaze electrified audiences with his live performances. One notable event took place at Energy Air in the Swiss National Stadium, where he enthralled 40,000 fervent fans. Additionally, he delivered a mesmerizing performance at the New York Knicks halftime show in the iconic Madison Square Garden. Gil’s energetic presence on stage left the crowd in awe.

Global Residencies and Nightclub Appearances

Gil Glaze’s talent has led him to hold residencies at renowned venues worldwide, including Marquee Las Vegas, Lavo New York, and LIV Miami, among others. His name frequents the lineup of the biggest nightclubs around the globe. Notably, he even shared the stage with Shawn Mendes during his set at LAVO, adding another remarkable milestone to his career.

Collaborations with Industry Titans

Having been in the industry for over a decade, Gil Glaze has had the privilege of supporting and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music world. From Marshmello to Kygo, David Guetta to Tiesto, Zedd to Diplo, Gil’s talent has caught the attention of industry titans. His contributions as a DJ have been showcased at prestigious events such as Belvedere parties, Super Bowl festivities, and Jamie Foxx’s birthday celebration.

Beyond Music: A Visionary Entrepreneur

Gil Glaze’s accomplishments extend beyond his musical endeavors. He has ventured into the business realm and recently established his own sustainable boxed water company called Glaze Water. Combining his passion for environmental sustainability with entrepreneurship, Gil demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact.

In conclusion, Gil Glaze’s latest single, ‘Falling,’ signifies yet another milestone in his flourishing career. With an impressive repertoire of releases, unforgettable live performances, and a strong presence in the music industry, Gil Glaze continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, combined with his entrepreneurial ventures, showcases his multifaceted talent and determination to leave a lasting legacy in the world of music and beyond.