Sonia G Worker Three & Crease Two Brushes (Initial) Impressions & Reviews

Worker Three

Sonia G Worker Three Brush is designed to “pack, transition, and blend” eye products and is a “smaller version of the Worker Two.” It looks a bit like your typical eyeshadow shader brush for packing on product, but it has a much fuller body, which gives it a denser and firmer feel. The rounded, more dome-shaped edge is reminiscent of blending cult-favorites like MAC’s 217 but denser, firmer, and more efficient at diffusing and softening edges. It’s made out of Saikoho goat hair, which gave it a smooth, silky feel against my skin, and it felt soft in every direction.

The smaller shape makes it more functional for me and makes it a true, multi-tasking brush–it is fantastic at applying color to the inner corner, lid, or into the crease, and it makes quick work of placing and blending simultaneously. That fuller, more rounded shape is what makes me prefer it for applying color to the inner corner/tearduct area and diffusing upward toward my inner crease/brow bone as well as applying stronger color (especially chunkier shimmers) underneath my brow bone. I am greedy, though, because I’d like an even smaller one…

Worker Three

Sonia G Crease Two Brush is a medium-sized, tapered crease brush that comes to a stronger point but does fluff up a bit from its initial point, though it never fully rounds out. More tapered, noticeably pointed crease brushes are particularly good for distributing product into deeper creases or applying color precisely but diffuse color less quickly. The size is closer to the “standard” tapered crease brush in my experience, which I tend to use less often these days as I tend to reach for smaller crease brushes (even more precision) but like to use this style of brush without product to diffuse and blend any stubborn edges.

It was denser and held its shape better compared to other crease brushes I have that are similar in general shape/size (they are fluffier all around the top halves), which makes for better precision and control over the long haul. It does, however, pick up and apply a bit more product as a result, so I’ve learned to use a slightly lighter hand with it when working with more pigmented crease colors. The brush worked well for playing a transition shade into the crease area and blowing out the color quite a bit while still being able to concentrate color where wanted. The bristles are made out of Saikoho goat and were very soft and smooth against my skin but were still capable of really blending out product.