Sonia G. Designer Pro Brush for Holiday 2019


Release Date + About the Launch

Design the perfect look with this multipurpose brush from Sonia G. Crafted by artisans in Japan using traditional brushmaking techniques, the slim Designer Pro offers the precision you need to artfully place and blend blush, bronzer, contour, and highlighter. It’s perfect for bold and sheer products alike because it allows you to build up pigment gradually without streaks or muddiness.

“Designer Pro offers more precision and finesse compared to the Cheek Pro and allows a more gradual application with both bold and sheer products. Your technique, angle, and pressure will define the results you wish to obtain.” — Sonia G., beauty blogger & makeup brush expert

10AM PT, 10/7


Products in the Launch

Designer Pro Brush, $46.00

Cashmere-soft saikoho goat bristles distribute products of all textures evenly and fit into the curves of the cheeks, forehead, and jaw. Each brush is handbound by master artisans in Japan using traditional brushmaking techniques for unparalleled performance and craftsmanship. The updated handle is made from sustainably harvested maple wood and coated with four layers of pigment and lacquer for a rich, dimensional finish.

Total length: 165 mm

Hair length: 33 mm

Ferrule width: 15×11 mm

Hair type: Brown saikoho goat