Some Clear Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating On You

It started as a casual chit-chat with a complete stranger you were assured didn’t mean anything, but now the sneaking around and character change is making you have suspicions. Is your partner cheating on you? That’s the million dollar question. While the definition of cheating is often subject to debate–is it the racy messages, flirtation, or the sexual act itself–we all agree that cheating is to you what you define it to be. However, most of the time, instinct (that feeling of unrest and constant suspicion) is the number one pointer.

Most people who have confirmed their partner cheated would always say that there were signs but they chose to ignore it. So, if you are having unshakable suspicions that your partner is seeing someone else, you might not be far from the truth. But don’t confront them just yet, as you will only be met with denial. Seeing that a cheating partner seldom admits to their crime unless you come with concrete evidence, then you need an evidence or a strong reason they can’t deny. Here are some clear signs your partner might be cheating on you.

They Are Hiding Things From You On Their Phone

Henry’s phone is charging on the bedside table, but faced down. Phoebe tries to reach for his ringing phone but dives out of nowhere and grabs it. If this situation has played out between you and your partner, then he/she might be cheating and if not (which is almost impossible) then they are definitely hiding something. When you eventually get a hold of the device and they become your digital tour guide–trying so hard to see and control what you’re doing–that’s an absolute red flag. Don’t sweep this under the carpet.

They Don’t Have Much To Say

Sometimes, when you start talking to someone new, there’s a high tendency of withdrawing from your partner. The attraction shifts and your new crush gets to hear how your day went in details while your partner is left with crumbs from the leftover conversation. Explains a lot right? Thought so too.

There’s No Intimacy

Phoebe has gone from being all over you to exhibiting indifference when it comes to sex. It’s been months and she seems pretty unfettered about going under the sheets you. Bear in mind that couples undergo seasons of disinterest in sex, but if they distance from you and without a good reason, they are probably getting it from somewhere else and are too satisfied to need any pleasure you have to offer.

They No Longer Get Mad Like Before

You forgot to take out the trash and for some funny reason, she just walks past you without saying a word. You make a cruel retort and instead of a curt reply, you get none.
Although, this is a sign of cheating, it could also mean that your partner has finally given up on the relationship and so can’t be bothered if you change or not. They just stop complaining about your attitude and how it affects them.

Their Actions Don’t Tally With Their Words

This is usually what makes you start raising your eyebrows in suspicion. When you call a coworker and he isn’t at work but he swore he was working late. Things just don’t add up and it’s only a matter of time before you bump into a flirty message he was having with that girl he convinced you not to worry about.

They Now Criticize Everything About You

In this case, your cheating spouse resorts to gaslighting in the bid to rid themselves of their guilty conscience. They try so hard to convince themselves that you are the problem and blame you for them cheating. At this juncture, it’s only right to remind you that cheating is a choice and no one should blame you for your partner’s irresponsibility and lack of self control.

The “wrongest” move is to call your partner out without concrete evidence, this would only backfire and make them more careful. Don’t immediately conclude your partner is cheating unless they are exhibiting most of these signs. Notwithstanding, be sure before you take action.

Featured image: Jakob Rosen | Unsplash