Solving the Top 4 Male Hair Problems


In an ideal world, you’d have any hairstyle you want. We wish we had the technology to just look in the mirror, think of a style, then see it appear on our heads. The sad reality is that loads of guys are stuck with hair that just doesn’t quite do it for them. For whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with your natural locks and this can be a source of low-confidence. So, what are the most common hair problems men face today? There are probably a few more than you realise. The main issues are receding hair/going bald, grey hairs, flat hair and dandruff. If you don’t suffer from any of these issues, then your hair is in freakishly good shape. But, the chances are you have at least one of these problems. So, let’s figure out some ways to solve them shall we?

Receding Hair/Going Bald

Male pattern baldness affects a staggeringly high number of guys. At some point, your hair will start to naturally recede. The problem for lots of us is that the receding can begin in your late teens or early twenties, meaning you have a dodgy hairline – or are completely bald – before you hit 30. This is definitely the worst hair problem as it impacts the way you style your hair and you spend so long staring in the mirror trying to make your hairline more respectable. It knocks your confidence massively, particularly if you used to love your hair and see it as a big feature for you. Thankfully, there are treatments for hair loss. Now, the one you choose will depend on how bad your hair loss is. For people who are just starting to experience a bit of thinning, switching to a hair thickening shampoo while taking hair loss vitamins – like Biotin – can help slow things down. If you’re so far gone that your hair is super thin and it’s receded all the way back, then you should think about a hair transplant. This is the most extreme treatment option, but the most effective as well. Essentially, you can get your hairline back. For anyone between these two stages, you should focus on looking after your hair and taking some medication as well. There are options on the market that are proven to help fight hair loss and sometimes regrow your hair too.

Grey Hairs

Going grey is a weird one as some guys – we’re looking at you George Clooney – have been flying the silver fox flag for years. Grey hair can suit you, but the issue is when you start seeing flecks of grey from a young age.

You may start seeing your first grey hairs in your twenties, and it makes you look so much older. It can be embarrassing to see your hair spotted with bits of grey, so what can you do about it? Luckily, the solution to this is simple; dye your hair. There are plenty of hair dyes out there specifically for men with grey hairs. Not only that, but some shampoos are designed to help naturally colour your hair and get rid of the grey flecks. If you want, you can keep dying your hair all your life. If you don’t, then you can dye it until you reach an age where all your grey hairs have come in, and you’re ready to accept them!

Flat Hair

Flat hair, limp hair, lifeless hair; call it what you want, it all means the same thing. Here, the problem is that your hair just seems to lie flat and have no volume at all. This makes it hard to style it, and you hate putting your hood up or taking your jumper off because your hair will just go flat and dead. The good news is that you can solve your flat hair problem quite quickly. Firstly, ensure you keep your hair clean and use the right shampoo. Look for ones that either thicken your hair or claim to add volume. Then, make sure you only use warm water when washing your hair. Hot water can damage your hair and leave it flat. In fact, this could be why some of you have this problem in the first place! By following those two tips, you should already have some new life in your flat hair. If you don’t, then you can improve the situation by lightly blow-drying your hair to add a boost of volume and texture. It may also help if you put in a little product to give your hair some lift. A wax or putty will do the trick, but don’t use too much, and use your fingers to style it.


You’ll know if you have a dandruff problem because you keep seeing white bits in your hair and you make it snow whenever you run your fingers through it. Lots of guys suffer from this, and there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, it could be a medical issue – people with dry scalps will have lots of dandruff. Thankfully, the solution to this is to just use a particular type of shampoo and conditioner that moisturises your scalp. Usually, things with coconut oil as an ingredient will work well. Then, most other people get dandruff because of poor personal hygiene. If you don’t wash your hair regularly, then you’ll end up with dandruff. Or, if you leave wax/putty/gel in your hair without washing it out, then you’ll get dandruff. Sometimes, failing to wash out all of your shampoo will also give you this problem. Again, you can solve this by switching to a shampoo that won’t give you dandruff. Loads of brands sell ones that claim to be anti-dandruff, so give them a try. Also, just be more thorough and consistent when you wash your hair!

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