Solight Perfects The Essential N95 Mask With Eco-friendly Components

Regarded a radical yet eco-friendly alternative to the traditional N95 masks which have unprecedentedly grown into an essential part of everyday life, Solight’s latest SEEUS95 mask comprises of bamboo, silk, silver and carbon. Boasting high quality skin therapy layers, made from chitosan, a natural biopolymer with moisture harnessing properties used in skin rejuvenation for burn victims, hip replacements, and cosmetic applications for wrinkle reduction, the SEEUS95 mask aims to provide an increasingly effective means of protection and communication without compromising social connection.

Thanks to its transparent design and replaceable natural fiber air filter cartridge, the SEEUS95 is airtight with an anti-fog coating, easing communication for everyone including, the hearing impaired and young children. Sturdier than any other mask available on the market today, the SEEUS95 is clear, ear-loop free, self-adhesive and kind to your skin.

It’s bamboo components promise more tensile strength than steel and is naturally anti-bacterial and antimicrobial, absorbing moisture in the air which carries viruses. As, the silk fiber works to carry an electrostatic charge that attracts viruses to be destroyed, the nano silver (AgNPs) have long proven effective in killing both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria strains.

As of now, it seems Solight has perfected the art of 21st century medical apparel, and the only thing lacking in the SEEUS95 is substantial funding.