Snyder Is Back With His First Full Length Album, ‘In The Dark

After an impressive 2020 with massive singles, including a collaboration with 24hrs “Fire“, Snyder is back with his first full length album, ‘In The Dark‘, that lives up to the greatness we’ve come to expect from him. The album is comprised of several previously released singles, is full of sundry material and boasts vocal features from 24hrs, 51b, Dre of the East, Danielle Goz, Mike Eakins, and Northside Rocky. Nearly two years in the making, ‘In The Dark‘ is a work of art, which is further proof of Snyder’s eclectic style, sonic precision, and a true testament to his artistic diversity. On of our favorites is “Motions” with Daniella Goz that emits pure summertime vibes from start to finish. It makes you feel as if you’re basking on an island, smiling, and feeling nothing but pure happiness.

Here’s what Snyder had to say about his album:

“‘In the Dark’ represents so much to me. For years I worked at building something cohesive between my projects and finally to have something covering so many genres, I’m so proud that it came out the way it did. I call it ‘In the Dark’ because I really do feel that the only thing that can tie all of these records together is darkness. Either darkness in the club, darkness in your heart, or darkness outside, you’re bound to feel some darkness in this project. Special thanks to 24hrs, Northside Rocky, 51b, Dre of the East, Mike Eakins, thank you guys so much for being a part of this project.”

Check out ‘In The Dark‘ by Snyder below!